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DOC to SVG converter

DOC To SVG Converter

Convert your DOC documents to the SVG vector image file format for free and securely with our easy-to-use online tool.

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How to convert your DOC documents to the SVG vector image file format?

  1. Read and confirm your agreement with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and with the points made in the section "How we handle your files".
  2. Select or drop the DOC files you want to convert in the designated area. You can concurrently convert a maximum of 25 files. The total size of all files must be smaller than 1GB.
  3. Select the SVG format. You can select the conversion format for each individual files, or for all files at once if the CONVERT ALL TO formats selection menu is available at the top of all files (i.e. if there is at least one common conversion format for all the files in the list).
  4. Press the Convert button, and wait for the conversion to complete. Any convertion taking longer than the 20min limit will fail.
  5. Your converted files will appear in the My converted files section.
  6. You can download your converted files one at a time, or all at once using the download button at the top right of the file list.
  7. Your converted files will be automatically deleted from our online storage after 24 hours. You can also immediately delete your converted files using the delete buttons. You can have a maximum of 25 files / 1GB on our online storage at any time. Delete some converted files if you have reached that limit and wish to convert more files.
  8. There are daily usage limits for the total size all files that you are sending for conversion (1GB) and that you are downloading (1GB). Your usage is reset to zero at the end of the day (at midnight in the GMT timezone).


200+ formats supported

Beyond converting from DOC to SVG we can perform 252 different document conversions as we support 24 different document formats. In total we support more than 200 of the most popular file formats in different file categories such as image, audio, video, spreadsheet, ebook, archive and many more. That means thousands of possible conversions between those different file categories and formats.

Encryption and Security

Our conversion process encrypts your DOC files using HTTPS both when sending them to the cloud and when downloading your converted files from the cloud. We delete the DOC files sent to our cloud infrastructure immediately after their conversion. Your converted files are available to download for 24 hours. You can choose to immediately delete those converted files from our cloud storage, and rest assured that in the rare cases of processing errors or interruptions, all files are automatically deleted after 24 hours. No other user of this online tool have access to your files. If you are using a public or shared device, make sure to immediately delete your converted files from our cloud storage to avoid giving other potential users of that device access to your files.


All of your DOC files are converted in parallel so our converters are very fast. Plus, our cloud infrastructure is distributed so wherever you are in the world we minimize the time it takes to send and download your files.

All devices supported

You can use our DOC to SVG converter on any device (computers, mobile phones, tablets) and operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.). As long as your device has a web browser, you can use our conversion tools.

Low CO2 emission

Your DOC files are sent to our low CO2 cloud infrastructure in order to be converted. The electricity consumed by our cloud servers is to a high degree generated without producing carbon emissions. Once the conversions are completed, the converted files are automatically downloaded back to your device. The conversion process does not use your device's processing power.

Totally free

Our our DOC to SVG converter is totally free and we work hard to keep it that way. We rely on revenues from advertisements to pay for the costs of our infrastructure and for software development.

How we handle your files

Your files are sent over the internet to our remote servers in order to be converted.

The files sent to be converted are immediately deleted from our servers after the conversion has completed or failed.

Your converted files are kept on our online storage for you to download for a maximum of 24 hours. You can immediately delete your converted files from our online storage, and all files are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

HTTPS encryption is used when sending your files and when downloading your converted files.

If using a shared or public device, immediately delete your converted files as otherwise they may be available to download by the next device user.

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